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    Hydrosol Harrem Rose Yeast Water

    Our rose yeast, which is one of our most loved products and the most valuable product of the rose industry in the world, is harvested in May from the villages of Isparta Guneykent, Gönen in accordance with all methods and regulations. Rose Yeast; The oily slurry (yeast) obtained during the production of rose oil is the natural essence water remaining from distilled pure rose petals in the same ratio. Rose yeast contains more rose essential oil than rose water. Delays aging. It ensures the removal of toxins. Recommended for dry and combination skin types. It has a cooling and refreshing effect. Eliminates conjunctivitis. If gargled, it is beneficial for mouth sores and toothaches. Gives shine to the skin. It can be used at the beginning of fever, at the beginning of menopause. It is suitable for use by all age groups. It is recommended to use together with soaps. On average, fifty liters of rose yeast are obtained from four tons of roses. It is used as a natural toner, but also as a make-up remover, pre-makeup moisturizer and for more vibrant, hydrated, brighter skin. Compared to products used as a tonic in spray form, it has won the favor of consumers due to its novelty and ease. In response to the feedback received from consumers, it was stated that Rose Yeast, which is thought to have a side effect on the skin, does not actually cause acne or show any allergic reaction. is to do. As a method of use, you can gently squeeze the water on clean skin and wait for your skin to absorb the product without nourishing it with your hands. It should be noted that as a result of regular use, yeast can have an effect. It is recommended to store in the refrigerator.
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