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    Prostate paste 100 ml

    Manufacturer: Ilgim
    Ingredients: black breadfruit, pumpkin, flower powder, ginseng, natural, honey, royal jelly. Benefits and therapeutic properties: Treats and strengthens the prostate gland, increases sexual activity, meets the needs of other internal secretion glands together with the prostate gland, strengthens the immune system. It causes the creation of healthy new cells. It is very beneficial to the function of the gastrointestinal system.
    Vendor: Ilgim
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    Instructions for use: Adults 2 times a day in the morning/evening 1x/g 2 hours before meals.

    The period of use is at least 60 days.

    Side effects: It is completely safe to use this oil in the prescribed amount. If necessary, you can consult your doctor about the risks that may arise as a result of consuming this oil due to your individual problems.

    ATTENTION! This product is not a medicine. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dark and dry place. Consult your doctor or physician during pregnancy, lactation, illness or drug use.